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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At 1source Insurance Group, we are strongly committed to protecting your privacy.  To serve as your licensed insurance agent, we will ask you to provide us with personal information about you. We do not sell, trade or give away your personal information to anyone.  Additionally, we use industry-leading technologies to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal information you provide us.  Please note that this Privacy Statement is subject to updates at any time and only the most recently updated statement is applicable. We always will publish the most recently updated statement on this website.

1source Insurance Group does business in a number of different jurisdictions and this Privacy Statement is not a comprehensive statement of all measures taken and rules complied with in each of those jurisdictions.  Certain customer information may be protected by various privacy laws. 1source Insurance Group intends to comply with the privacy laws of the jurisdictions where we do business.

Additional Privacy Statements may apply depending on your jurisdiction or customer relationship.

You can find out more about our commitment to privacy and how your personal information is collected and used in the 1source Insurance Group Privacy Policy below.

Personal Information

Personal information is information that identifies an individual personally or is capable of being associated with a particular individual.  Personal information may in certain circumstances include such information as name, address, phone number, email address, credit history, date of birth, Social Security number, drivers license number, credit or debit card number, policy or claim information and health information.

How We Collect Personal Information

We collect personal information to enable us to provide our products and services to customers and to support our business operations.  We obtain personal information from our agents, directly from the customer, from customer-related transactions and from third parties, such as a consumer reporting agency.

Safeguarding Personal Information

We use procedural, manual and electronic security controls to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of personal information in our possession and guard against its unauthorized access.  Some techniques we employ to protect information include locked files, user authentication, encryption, firewall technology and the use of detection software.  We take steps to identify information that must be protected, provide an adequate level of protection for that data and grant access to protected data as permitted or required by law.

Some of 1source Insurance Group’s employees, agents and service providers may have access to customer personal information in the course of doing their jobs, which includes underwriting policies, processing claims, developing new products or advising customers of our products and services.  They are expected to keep this information in confidence and share the information only with those who have a business reason to know.  They are prohibited from making unauthorized disclosure of personal information that we obtain about customers.  Employees who violate our policies on privacy may be subject to disciplinary action.

Disclosing Personal Information

We keep our customers’ personal information private and do not give it to others, unless allowed.  We do not give or sell our customers’ personal information to other companies for their marketing purposes.  We may share personal information that we have about customers within the 1source Insurance Group’s family of property and casualty insurance companies.

We may give personal information to other persons or companies to help us manage or service our business.  When we do, we require them to use it only for the reasons we gave it to them.  To serve our customers and administer our business, including the processing of claims, we may share personal information with unaffiliated third parties, including agents, brokers, other insurance companies, reinsurers, regulators, administrators and service providers and as otherwise permitted or required by law.  Such sharing of data may be outside the jurisdiction in which the data was obtained.

Use of Telephone Numbers

By giving us a telephone number, you consent to being contacted at that number, including if the number is for a cell phone or other wireless device.  We may contact you in person, by recorded message, by the use of automated dialing equipment, by text (SMS) message, or by any other means of communication your device is capable of receiving, as allowed by law and for reasonable business purposes, including to service your policy with us.

For Those Visiting Us Online

“Cookies” are used to provide you with a customized experience when you visit or associated Web sites.  “Cookies” are files we or our business partners may place in your internet browser to help us keep track of your preferences.

We also use “Cookies” and other similar technologies to help us track visits to our Web site and learn more about how our site is used.  We may use this information to tailor our site content, format, and services so that you will have a customized experience.

In addition to helping 1source Insurance Group provide you with a better Web experience, “Cookies” allow us to enhance our online advertising.  We contract with online advertising companies to provide 1source Insurance Group’s advertisements on third-party Web sites.  Some of these third party sites may use “Cookies” and other technologies when you click or move your cursor over our ads.  These technologies may transmit information about your activity to us or our marketing service providers.  We may use this information to manage our marketing efforts and to track browser visits to our ads and to our Web sites as well as to measure and manage our advertising at other sites.

Remember, we always recommend that you review the privacy notice of any Web site you visit prior to entering any personally identifiable information.

Social Security Protection Policy Statement

1source Insurance Group is committed to complying with all legal and contractual duties regarding the confidentiality of Social Security numbers. 1source Insurance Group protects the confidentiality of social security numbers by disclosing them only as permitted by law.  1source Insurance Group seeks to limit their access, use, and disclosure consistent with our Privacy Policy Statement and is committed to prohibiting their unlawful disclosure through the use of physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards.

Global Operations

1source Insurance Group does business in several jurisdictions.  Some of these jurisdictions have enacted stricter laws and regulations protecting personal information; others have not.  It is 1source Insurance Group’s policy to comply with the privacy laws and regulations of every jurisdiction in which we do business.

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Privacy Statement for Individual U.S. Personal Insurance Consumers

What we mean when we talk about “privacy”

Your privacy is important to us.  When we sell an insurance policy to a person we need information about the person or property that we’re insuring.  We consider this private and have taken steps to keep it confidential.

We want you to know about our privacy practices.  This Privacy Statement tells you the kinds of information we get about you, where we get it, and with whom, if anyone, we may share it.

This Statement describes our privacy procedures and practices for individuals who seek or get auto, home and other personal liability and property insurance for personal, family or household needs.

What kind of information we have and where we get it

You give us most of what we need in the application process.  To make sure what we have is correct we may need to check with you by phone (including cell phone or other mobile device), E-mail or mail.

By giving us a telephone number, you consent to being contacted at that number, including if the number is for a cell phone or other wireless device.  We may contact you in person, by recorded message, by the use of automated dialing equipment, by text (SMS) message, or by any other means of communication your device is capable of receiving, as allowed by law and for reasonable business purposes, including to service your policy with us.

You may be asked to give us more details in writing or over the phone.  Plus, we may receive and check your past insurance claims from insurance support organizations or your former insurers.

As allowed by law, we may ask for credit and other consumer reports from consumer reporting agencies concerning your application for insurance or any renewal of insurance.  Information given to us by an insurance support organization, including consumer reporting agencies may be retained by them and disclosed to other persons.

For auto insurance, we often get a report of accidents or convictions from your State Motor Vehicle Department.  We get these reports through an independent reporting company.  We may also check information from government agencies or independent reporting companies.  This helps us correctly rate and price your policy.

For home, building, or boat insurance, we or an inspector from an independent company may visit the property to inspect and report on its condition. In some cases, pictures may be taken.  This allows us to check the estimate we have of your property’s value.  If we need more details about the property or the alarm you’ve installed, we may need to enter your property to finish the inspection.  We would contact you before entering your property.

As a part of our application and underwriting process, in most states, we also order an Insurance Score based on credit history.  We use the Score, information you give us, and other consumer reports for underwriting and the price we will charge.  If we receive corrected personal information from a consumer reporting agency, we will re-evaluate you.

Once you’re insured with us, your file may contain details about your policy(ies).  This may include bill payments or claim history.  A claim representative may comment, for example, on the condition and use of the insured property.  We may also keep a police report if one was issued.

Sometimes we need to know about your health.  For example, if we need to know whether a physical limitation will affect your ability to drive, we would ask you to sign a form allowing your personal doctor to answer any question we may have.

Who has access to this information

We keep what we collect about you in our files.  Our policies and procedures protect your personal information.  We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in place.

We do not give or sell our customers’ personal information to others for marketing purposes.  You don’t have to ask us to keep your information private because we do not give it, unless allowed.

We will use information about you to sell you insurance, service your insurance and settle claims.  We may give the information to other persons or companies to help us manage or service our business.  When we do, we require them to use it only for the reasons we gave it to them.

We may give, without your past permission and only if allowed by law, information about you held in our files to certain persons or organizations such as:

  • Our affiliated property and casualty insurance companies
  • An independent claim adjuster or investigator
  • An insurance support organization, including consumer reporting agencies
  • Another insurer in order to prevent or prosecute fraud

Also, we may be required to share this information:

  • With a State Insurance Department or other governmental agency, if required by federal, state or local laws
  • If ordered by a summons, court order, search warrant or subpoena
  • To protect our own legal interests, or in case of suspected fraud or other illegal activities
How to find out what information we have about you

If you have any questions about what we have in your file please write to us.  When we receive your written request, we will respond within thirty (30) business days.  We will let you know if we’ve given any information about you to anyone in the past.  If we asked for a consumer report we will tell you the name and address of the consumer reporting agency.

You may also see and copy your file (except for certain documents about claims and lawsuits).  If you believe any of our information is wrong we’ll check it out and if we agree there was an error, we’ll correct it.  If we don’t agree, you’re still allowed to file a letter with your comments.  We’ll send the correction or letter to anyone who received or will receive the original information.

If you have any questions about the right of access to or correction of your file, we’ll be happy to review our procedures with you.  Please contact:

Your agent or insurance representative; or 1source Insurance Group
ATTN: Privacy Office
3606 N. Rancho Drive., Suite 140
Las Vegas, NV 89130

When you write, please be sure to tell us your:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Policy number
  • Phone number and the best time of the day for us to call you

Please include a copy (not the original) of personal ID, such as your driver’s license.

We thank you for letting us serve your insurance needs.

This notice is effective May 2011. This notice applies to current and former customers and may be amended at any time.  The amended notice will be sent to customers and will also be placed on 1source Insurance Group Web sites.

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